The eSports industry used to be dominated primarily by large corporations and require huge amounts of funding to enter into the business. As the internet and technology back more advanced and readily available to the public, teams and tournaments were able to be held by small startup organizations. With these new capabilities, Silverberg Tech was able to design a powerful website for PreGamingGG, a Premier eSports Organization.


The idea to redesign PreGamingGG’s site was due to the lack of appeal for the original site. Issues ranging from formatting errors, sketchy typography, and outdated information were overwhelmingly prevalent on the original site and as a supporter of the team, I couldn’t let them continue to represent their organization in this manner.

After a few months of development and testing, the site was fully operational and ready to use! Unfortunately due to the differences amongst the team, the website was placed on hold and eventually abandoned once the team decided to step back to resolve their differences and rebrand the organization. As for this website, it is now an example of Silverberg Tech’s capabilities in web development and is a notable achievement in our company’s portfolio.


Here are a few of the more prominent features of this project

PreGamingGG’s website is one of the most advanced websites Silverberg Tech has made to date. With powerful management features and the capability to not only manage a team, but also manage an online tournament in realtime.


Monitor and update game match data in realtime with scores, teams, and links to team’s social media and live stream

Language Support

Members and supporters from around the world can visit and read everything available to them in over 70+ supported languages

Roster Management

Manage, delegate, and create as many team profiles as desired with manager roles, member profiles, and team pages

Sponsor Recognition

Add sponsors to a cycling banner with customizable time delay, size, and animation

More Features Included

Team Pages – Professional Contact Forms – Access Manager – Conditional Menu – Hierarchy Home Screen – Event Coordination Software – Integrated Learning Modules