What is Silverberg Technologies?

Silverberg Technologies is a startup company with a focus on business such as Web Development, Media Production, Online Marketing, Software Engineering, and more. Though our resources are wide spread, we are capable of operating each of our many projects 24/7 with zero down time due to our fully autonomous business model and collection of resources and knowledge.

Our Story

Silverberg Technologies was not the first project started by the founder, Jaike Silverberg. His ventures started in the early 2010s when he created his first e-Commerce store. Over time, passions change, people grow, and ideas get lost in time. As the years went one, Jaike continued to experiment with different interests like YouTube, electronic design, and marketing. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jaike looked at all the projects he had started but was unable to complete. As he sat and looked at all these partially completed projects, the idea came to mind to make a blanket organization that encompassed all of Jaike’s previous endeavors and pulled all the resources together in order to have multiple projects that grow off of one another. This is where the idea of Silverberg Technologies came to be. One entity, one collective, infinite possibilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to diversify our network and expand into as many different aspects of technology, marketing, and entertainment as feasibly possible. We seek knowledge, and we believe the best way to learn is by doing. With a blanket company like Silverberg Technologies, we can comfortably develop new business ideas, explore new horizons, and see what exists and how we can make it better for the world.

Our Goal

As an organization designed to expand as large as we can to explore opportunities, our goal is simple, to learn. Our goal is to seek and share knowledge with the world. We want to push the boundaries that the internet has and see how far we can go while expanding our infinte resources of development, commerce, and engineering.

What is next for Silverberg Technologies?

Simple, whatever we want to do! There is nothing holding us back!